5 free endless runners on a smartphone to kickstart global running day 2020!

Today is Global Running Day 2020. That’s why you will find five Endless Runners in this special, especially for this occasion. In the selection I tried, despite the fact that the essence of the game is the same for all games, to find as many variations as possible in terms of themes. So let’s start running far far away with some of these endless runners! I have played all free games within this selection this year!

1. Will Hero

Will Hero is an Endless Runner that has a different approach than others. You are not exactly running, but jumping from place to place. Each time you tap the screen of your phone, you will jump a little bit further. While jumping around you can use weapons to defend yourself against monsters. You can also collect chests which might give you some interesting extras. You lose the game when you fall into oblivion or when you crash under need an enemy. Anyway, a nice and interesting game within the genre.

Will Hero is available on Android and iOS.

2. Alto’s Adventure

Grab your snowboard and slide down a mountain to catch llamas. It sounds crazy, and it is, but still quite entertaining. While you slide down endlessly you have to jump over stones. Meanwhile, you use ramps to do tricks in the air. Every trick you do will make you go faster again. The adventure ends when you break your neck because you end up on the ground with your snowboard. Ouch!

Alto’s Adventure can be played on Android and iOS.

Jetpack android Endless Runner 2020

3.Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride for smartphones is an interesting Endless Runner that lets you pass time easily. This videogame is from the same indie developer as Fruit Ninja. This time you are not endlessly busy smashing fruit! In Jetpack Joyride you place a jetpack on your back and you fly through a level full of obstacles. Meanwhile, you pick up coins and discover exciting vehicles that deliver you a wild endless ride.

You can download Jetpack Joyride for Android en iOS.

4. Subway Surfers

A lot of people already played Subway Surfers. In this 3D game, you dodge trains and barricades to escape a police officer and a dangerous police dog. While running away you can collect all sorts of power-ups. Think about a jetpack or even a skateboard. If you ever have to flee real life from a dangerous police unit, this game has learned you what you shouldn’t do. The endless running course is dangerous.

This game is free to play on Android and iOS.

Jump Dash Scaly Bob

5. Jump Dash

There is only one Endless Runner left to finish this kickstart of Global Running Day 2020. In Jump Dash, you play as a crazy hot dog who must complete a course as quickly as possible. During my playing session, there was a choice of three different levels, each with its own atmosphere. This is clearly not the best Endless Runner ever released, but it is a simple free game I wanted to show you guys. My eyes fell on this game because the creator (Scaly Bob) submitted the game recently to this website.

This game is available for free in the Android PlayStore.

More Endless Runners?

There are hundreds of Endless Runners out there. That makes it hard to pick the best and leave the worst. Help others by suggesting other interesting Endless Runners in the comments. If you recently created or are working on your own Endless Runner, feel free to submit it to Indie Game Reporter.

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