About Indie Game Reporter

Indie Game Reporter brings together a wide variety of game developers and indie game lovers, on a platform where everyone can learn about each other’s projects. Indie Game Reporter is created to create a community where developers can organize their effort and take collective actions, while gamers learn more about their projects. Developers will show projects they are working on, ideas, and experiences to create a supportive environment where everyone can achieve their goals.

Indie Game Reporters goal

This website is founded by Kevin de Bruin, a freelance journalist from the Netherlands. I write about videogames, movies, and tech. I have always loved writing about indie games, but there was not that enthusiasm for this subject at outlets I wrote for. In my experience game journalists often cannot express their ideas for publications on indies, because they receive too few views in the Netherlands, and pitches are therefore most of the time not interesting enough for the larger news outlets which mainly focus on mainstream gamers. The target audience of those outlets rarely connects with the group of people who also enjoy indie games. When it comes to indies, \often the already well-known developers get the stage.

Indie Game Reporters supports indie developers

As a result, news media are less likely to pick up news from smaller developers. Pity! In recent years I have been heard more often, it is difficult for indie game developers to find a place to showcase their games. Indie developers send tons of mail around to outlets, only to see that only a small part leads to publication. Sometimes not even one of them writes something about them, while they put a lot of effort into making the games. Indie Game Reporter would like to offer the smaller developers a stage and indie gamers a place to discover their new creative and passionate projects.


Feel free to send in a press release by e-mail (info@indiegamereporter.com) or by submitting it on the website itself. Indie Game Reporter then assesses the entry, may fit it in at its own discretion and might publish it as a news article on this website. If you are currently working on a game, you can also submit a game page, which includes more information about your videogame.