Amazing co-op indie games to play together

There a lot of amazing co-op indie games you can play with other likeminded people. In this special, I will name some of the games I enjoyed. There is a lot of choices, so at the end of the article, I also mention some extra titles that did not make the selection. These titles are also very cool to check out.

Kind Words

Sometimes you need a push in the right direction. The indie game Kind Words may be interesting for you if you are having hard times, or want to help others. The game is full of real people sharing their real problems anonymously. From a digital bedroom, you can read letters that people write. You can respond. The purpose of the game is to support others. By writing in-game letters, you can still help strangers with kind words. This game is somewhat reminiscent of social media for strangers.


One of the coolest multiplayer indie games is Overcooked. The game is full of crazy humor. Together with friends, you can serve great meals in local couch coop sessions. Or you make a mess of it and see this in a terrible score. Especially since it continues to test your friendship and collaborative ability all the time. You only prepare a meal well if everyone carefully takes the steps in the process together. It doesn’t matter if you play part 1 or part 2. Overcooked is chaos, but cool chaos. I really enjoyed Overcooked.

Gold With Your Friends

Another game that is very entertaining to play with others, is Golf With Your Friends. You can play this entertaining and challenging multiplayer mini golf game with a maximum of 12 players. It is really simple to join or host a new game, so if you are searching for an indie game which let’s you play online fast, Golf With Your Friends might be for you. The game offers 7 levels containing 18 holes each. And what if you don’t have any friends? I’m sorry for you, but you can still make friends and play the game together.

Rocket League

I hate soccer. I reluctantly played soccer for six years and called to stop. So why would I suggest to play soccer online now? Rocket League has something a real game of soccer (or a FIFA game) aint. You play a game of soccer, but with a twist. The players are replaced by cars and the ball becomes huge. Then you crash and bump into the ball and fellow players in a chaotic online session. Rocket League has been released on many platforms and is one of the better known multiplayer games.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Exploded is also a game that is definitely great to play with friends. In the game, one player is locked in a virtual room. There is a bomb in that room. The other player cannot see the room, but has a lying down guide on how to dismantle the bomb. That second player must give his friend instructions that are clear enough. This requires cooperation. If there is not good cooperation, the game will end with a blast. I would recommend playing this game with someone you now well enough!

Other Amazing co-op indie games

There a lot of other interesting co-op indie games, you could play with friends. There are way to many games to highlight them all. Other suggestions I could give are Path of Exile, We Were Here (Too), Don’t Starve Together, Warframe, Human Fall Flat, and many more. Feel free to recommend your suggestions in the comments section. That way you can help others to find new multiplayer and co-op indie games.

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