Some of the best indie games 2020 I have played so far

I have played a lot of indie games during the first months of 2020. This is the selection of some of the best indie games 2020 I have played so far. No matter what the rest of the year is going to bring, these games have certainly held my attention. Of course, there are unfortunately always more games than I can name. It was a difficult selection to make, but I have selected several titles that I enjoyed.

Some of the games are not fully finished yet. The developers are still developing the game but already published a demo earlier. With this selection, I tried to highlight some underappreciated titles. I also tried to keep the selection as diverse as possible, so that not a particular genre of games dominates.

5. Card Hog

The first time I played Card Hog, I thought this game works out very well as a tabletop game. I like the gameplay which lets you move cards on a table so you can fight all kinds of monsters and obstacles in a dungeon. I followed the project and saw a lot of improvements going on during the development. The creator worked with a lot of passion on his project and pushed his own skills to the limit to create this Card Hog experiences. You can read more about this card adventure in the Card Hog preview.

Red Ronin PC Steam

4. Red Ronin

Also, the bloody puzzle game Red Ronin is one of the most interesting Steam games I played in the last couple of months. I loved the gameplay, which lets you move your character in one direction until you hit an obstacle. That way you have to puzzle yourself a path to the exit. The most refreshing part is the enemies that lure on every part of the building you are invading. A more detailed description of this game can be found in the Red Ronin preview. This preview also gives a more detailed description of why I liked the game so much. You can play play the first chapter for free, yourself.

Red Ronin is still in development, but the game will release later this year.

Lone Fungus

3. Lone Fungus

Another game that really got my attention (and which already got featured in a Screenshot Saturday special and a preview), is Lone Fungus. Currently, this game is still in development, but it looks great. The creator is working hard to create an awesome Metroidvania-like platformer with a mushroom in the lead. While I had some problems with the movement in the trailer, it seems the creator is making new and better changes every day. I can’t wait to play the final build of this indie game.

2. A New Life

New Life is a bit scary. Especially because of the poignant story which surprisingly connects at some points to our world. A lesbian who has just started dating and no longer hopes to be alone gets confronted with several emotional moments. Including an epidemic that is dangerously similar to the coronavirus. This results in a visual novel with a beautiful art style, that can steer emotionally in all directions. Sometimes the game feels a bit like a trial and error, but as long as you keep making the right decisions the story won’t end that early. This relaxing game is also very good for the LGBT-community.

And last but not least of the best indie games 2020

Another game I played, is Just Die Already. The game got my attention during the Steam Game Festival. In this videogame, you have to retire in a world where almost everything can kill you. If it is only because you are electrocuted while being naked or because a car is driving over you. It is all possible in this sandbox game. This game is a bit gory and therefore not enjoyable for everyone. Still, this game is really enjoyable so far and therefore probably one of the best indie games 2020 I have played so far.

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