Best indie games to play right now according to my Twitter followers

best indie games

Recently I published a Twitter message promising six random Steam keys for people who could highlight what they consider the best indie games. I got many nice recommendations. Here I present a selection of six games that according to Twitter followers should be brought to the attention anyway. All of the games triggered me the most to learn more about the games.

Recommended as the best indie games

I have not played all the games from this list myself. Therefore they are randomly numbered. If you are one of the lucky winners who will receive a random steam key, your name will be later on in this special. More information on how to receive the key can be found after highlighting te games you guys chosen!

6. A New Life

A New Life recently released on Steam and it’s definitely a game that fits my personal taste of game genres: the visual novel. This storytelling game features a classical love story about meeting the love of your life, marrying that person, and growing old together. In 40-90 minutes of gameplay, a story will be revealed where your loved ones can support you but also hurt your feelings. The game was submitted by @Chrismycharm, who won one of the 6 random Steam keys. Good luck with your yet to be revealed game!

5. K37-D

Do you enjoy playing science fiction games? The single-player adventure K37-D might be interesting for you. In this game, you will go on an ordinary space adventure in the year 2204. You will start your journey with an extremely simple job. You have to repair utility systems and get the facility ready for its new owners. Suddenly you come under heavy pressure to repair everything while some hideous unknown creatures attack your base. If you do not get the communication systems working quickly, you cannot ask for help. This videogame was submitted by the second winner, @icydragonbreath.

4. The Purring Quest

I selected this game because I already knew the game since I saw it multiple times on my feed when the game got released in 2015. For such an old game, this game got a lot of fans. It even got submitted multiple times. I definitely understand why, since this game gives you the possibility to become a cat. You will take on the role of Kimchi the cat. The creators promise a wonderful and humoristic journey with other cats. The game is animated by someone who was involved at Disney and Warner. Thank you, @SteamMichaels for submitting this game. You have earned yourself a random steam key!


The next game mainly attracted attention because of its dark character. The title is a little bit ‘dark’ too: DARQ. I think this is a cool game to try out at Halloween. It reminds me a bit of Little Nightmares. At least I didn’t know the game yet, but my hands are itchy to take a closer look. DARQ tells the story of Lloyd, a boy who becomes aware of the fact that he dreams. The dream quickly becomes a nightmare. Thank you for submitting this game, @Yakuzaways! You will receive a random Steam key soon!

2. Cogmind

Cogmind got also submitted by one of our Twitter followers! Thank you @Assimilape for introducing me to this sci-fi tactical combat indie game! You earned yourself a key! After watching some gameplay, I selected this combat game which has traditional roguelike elements and a way to build yourself up with components found or salvaged from robots. After watching some gameplay, the game seems complex but I should probably add it to my backlog of games I should still play once, to fully understand the game.

1. Moving Out

The last game on this list will be Moving Out, a game I haven’t played yet but is on my list of games I definitely want to play once. In this game, you will become a certified removals master. The game is from the same publisher that brought Overcooked and Yooka Laylee to the market. I definitely loved both games and even played both sequels. Moving Out was released this year on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS. The game was recommended by Twitter user @DonronF. Thank you for this recommendation and good luck with your free Steam key!

Share your best indie games

Everyone who has won a random key can send me an e-mail or Twitter message before 30th June. I will provide you the code and you will find out which game you have won. Thank you for the submissions!

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