Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality raised $8,175,465.81 for BlackLivesMatter

Black Lives Matter Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality was a huge success for the BlackLivesMatter movement. Only two weeks after launch, the bundle raised $8,175,465.81. In the end, 814,639 contributors helped to raise this huge amount of money with at least an average of $10.03 per contributor. A top contributor even paid $5,000.00. Ultimately, charities against racism are well served by this initiative.

Hugh Succes for Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

This bundle, created to help the Black Lives Matter movement, got a lot of attention from game developers and indie game lovers. Initially, about 500 developers took part, who jointly offered more than 700 projects and games. People could buy the bundle and support charities. There was a minimum amount of $5. A higher amount was allowed. People opened their wallets en masse for this bundle.

The project started with 740+ games, but over time, the number of game registrations could no longer be kept up to date. Indie game developers all over the world have contributed. At the close of the term, the already huge bundle had grown to more than 1350 participants and more than 1700 games and other projects. The initiators hoped that the bundle would yield about half a million US dollars, but soon that goal had to be adjusted upwards. Even the last goal of $5 million was largely exceeded.

Helping the BlackLivesMatter movement

All proceeds will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund split 50/50.  Everyone who donated can download his games on Itch.io. What is itch.io? itch.io is an open marketplace for independent digital creators with a focus on independent video games. No Steam (or other external keys) will be given for bundle purchases. Only direct downloads will be available on the itch.io page.The Bundle included a lot of well-known titles like Celeste and Night in the Woods. It also included lots of interesting but more unknown indie games that are really fun to discover.

Indie Game Reporter also bought the bundle to support BlackLivesMatter.

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