‘Disolation’ update turns No Man’s Sky in a horror game

No Man’s Sky is expanded with a whole new update. With that expansion, the genre of the game can be completely changed. The new ‘Desolation’ update turns your game into a horror game. The game is already somewhat compared to the horror film Alien. Other times monster reminds players of Dead Space.

No Man’s Sky is getting scary

It is interesting to see it this way. No Man’s Sky originally has almost no horror element in the game. A new trailer shows that the Desolation update can change this. This makes the game a bit scarier than before. After this update, No Man Sky does not seem like a game for people who are scared quickly. We have already seen the first images and everything looks a lot more exciting for people who enjoy horror elements in videogames. Many No Man’s Sky players already fell in love with the update.

Until now only the Whispering Eggs in No Man’s Sky could be considered as some sort of a horror element. They cause the apply named ‘Biological Horrors’ to appear and attack players. This new update will add abandoned derelict freighters. These are all produced in No Man Sky style. Each of them will feature its own hazards and design. Inside the haunted ships, players can find flickering lights, failed life support and gravity systems, rogue security AI, and ominous nests of mysterious creatures.

No Man’s Sky Desolation is a free update. The free update will make the intergalactic exploration of this videogame a lot scarier. It also improves the combat, does some bug fixes, and offers other small updates to the game. The full patch note can be found on the No Man’s Sky Desolation update page.

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