Exophobia is a modern, clean take on the classic retro first-person shooter gameplay, combining a frightening sci-fi setting, a stylized aesthetic, fast-paced intense combat, and Metroidvania exploration.

The player must explore a giant spaceship that landed on an unknown planet, looking for the last human survivors. The spaceship has been raided by octopus-headed red aliens that want to kill you at all costs. Each type of alien has unique behavior and also 5 bosses with unique designs and attacks.

The player finds a basic alien gun and must upgrade it with new functionalities to unlock new locations and progress. Besides that, it also gives new options during combat. The story events of the game can be unlocked by finding special key items and reading ordered logs at checkpoint rooms.


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The Exophobia demo will be available from 16th to 22nd June 2020.

Releasedatum: Summer 2020
Publisher: Zarc Attack

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