Hidden Oxygen release offers a free relaxing breath on Android

Hidden Oxygen release

The Hidden Oxygen release is today on Android devices only. Hidden Oxygen is an atom arranger puzzle game. The player’s goal is to figure out the correct layout of oxygen atoms on a square board.

There is only one solution and it can found by using deductive logic alone. In this videogame, oxygen atoms cannot be adjacent to each other, even diagonally. Numbers next to rows and columns tell how many oxygens should be in them. It is free to play. Hidden Oxygen fully supports English and Polish languages. Meek Bits is the developer of this mobile indie game. The studio was established in 2018.

Hidden Oxygen release

The Hidden Oxygen preview already gave an impression of this simple yet entertaining game. This free to play mobile game has a very simple concept but still manages to challenge your brain. I definitely recommend you try the game. The short puzzles are very suitable for picking up between all other tasks. In addition, there are many levels. You could play this game for weeks, probably for ten minutes a day. Hidden Oxygen is perfect for short relaxing breaks. It offers a nice moment to take a relaxing breath.

About Meek Bits

Meek Bits is an independent, one-person game development studio based in Wroclaw, Poland. Jakub Niemyjski runs the studio. Hidden Oxygen is Meek Bits first commercial released indie game. In the coming month, this one-man studio has worked really hard on completing the game.

For more information about Meek Bits, please visit https://meekbits.com/ or the Developer’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeekBits. Good luck with the puzzles in this mobile game!

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