Indie Game Reporter is searching for bloggers, writers/contributors

I am happy with all the responses I have received so far. It feels good to know that it is appreciated that indie games get a stage. This gives energy for more. But to grow, Indie Game Reporter can use extra hands. If you are passionate about indie games and you want to help this nonprofit project, read on!

Indie Game Reporter is seeking individuals with strong writing and editing skills. You will assist in IGR’s mission to give indie game developers more media coverage. Currently, all the daily content on the website is written by myself, which works fine. Still, I can always have some extra help to give even more developers coverage. Many hands make tight work. Any help is welcome to continue the blog’s future growth and mission. If you have any other ideas on how to support this mission, get in touch!

We want you!

Bloggers, Writers/Contributors: Volunteers who are interested can be writers and contributors to content building on the news log itself by drafting and providing weekly or monthly contributions. You are also allowed to edit submissions game developers send in. It is an advantage if you are native English speaking and have some writing experience. If this is not the case, this does not have to be a problem.

This is a virtual opportunity, so you can write from home. The communication will take place digitally. We will adapt the working method to the team. IGR is searching for people from all around the globe, who work great in a team and are passionate to write about indie videogames. I am especially looking for creative like-minded people who would like to join me on Indie Game Reporters mission to support indie developers worldwide. Together we give indie game developers a stage that will be seen by gamers.

More practical information

What kind of content can you make
* Previews and reviews
* Reviewing user submissions
* Indie game news
* There are options to create other content if you have suggestions. At the moment it is not scalable with one person, but preferably Indie Game Reporter would do more with video and possibly podcast in the future. Your own creative ideas are always welcome.

What Indie Game Reporter offers
* A great opportunity to be at the start of an ambitious project.
* Improve your own writing, journalism skills.
* The chance to receive free download codes by time for previews and reviews of games from indie game developers. These will be shared fairly across the team based on contributions and interests.
* Meet new people, which is great for getting a network.
* A better sense of whats going on in the world of videogames.

Feel free to send in an e-mail ( if you are interested in contributing to IGR’s mission. Tell me in the e-mail a bit more about your motivation.

About Indie Game Reporter

This website is founded by Kevin de Bruin, a freelance journalist from the Netherlands. I write about videogames, movies, and tech. I have always loved writing about indie games, but there was not that enthusiasm for this subject at outlets I wrote for. In my experience game journalists often cannot express their ideas for publications on indies, because they receive too few views, and pitches are therefore most of the time not interesting enough for the larger news outlets which mainly focus on mainstream gamers.

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