Meet The Devs Saputo from Oblitus Games: “I’m saying thanks to Nintendo”

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Today we are interviewing Saputo from Oblitus Games. He is a humble video game developer who describes himself as ‘just your everyday kind of guy’. While he used to be a Musician that used to tour around and dive off stages. “I just love being that silly guy in the room who just makes everyone smile even on their worst of days.”

Silly Oblitius Games

Which of your game developer achievements made you most proud of yourself?
“Honestly, my biggest developer moment was finally turning my hobby and passion into my full-time job, and really putting a product out there for the world to enjoy.”

What kind of games and which well-known persons inspired you?
“That’s an easy one. I grew up in the greatest era of gaming.The 90’s where 2D was still a new and fresh idea. I fell in love with Game development when I somehow got my hands on Zelda for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It just blew my mind. It gave me the best childhood memories. I loved finding the dungeons or hidden hearts and items around the world.

Zelda is why I am currently making Trysaria. It is my way to say thank you to Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto. If it wasn’t for this experience and all the amazing games from the 90’s, I never had this passion.”

Being a game developer

What is the hardest part of being an indie game developer and how do you try to tackle that problem? What could others learn from you as a developer?
“Honestly no job is hard if you have the passion and drive to just tackle it every day. No job is a job if you love what you do. Yeah, every day it can be stressful at times but what in this world can’t be stressful.

For me I’d say the hardest part about game development is the lack of funds. I have been making Trysaria on a 0 budget, which makes getting the game out there hard. It slows down the release since I lack the funds for music and other things.”

So game development ain’t hard either?
“No job is hard. Still, if you are looking to get into game development I will tell you this is a rough road. Anything worth wild tough. I know I have done a lot in my life, too much to count. Don’t let life get you down and don’t ever take no for an answer work and work hard. Learn, read and watch videos.

In today’s world you can become anything you want. All the tools are really in your hand. I have spent a lot of time trying to get something working in Trysaria and it took me weeks to months at times. Just don’t let those hard times get you down. Keep your head up, and take it one set at a time.

For example, I am not shy about it. I hate programming. It honestly is a hard thing for me to get the hang of but here I am with Trysaria making my way. Something might take a while. All good things take time.”

Working on Trysaria

Could you tell us a bit more about Trysaria?
“Sure! Trysaria is an open-world action-packed RPG on a grand scale. Fight monsters and beast alike, to claim rare treasures. Take up a job, like crafting, lumberjack farming, and more. Come join the adventure of a lifetime.

It needs to be seen if you are looking for a game that has one goal and that is to give you great memories for the rest of your life. You have to play it again years from now. Something that makes you smile.

You should try Trysaria if you are looking for a game that will bring you hours of joy and endless fun. If you like Zelda, Secret of Mana, Blossom Tale, or any other game in those genes then you will love and enjoy Trysaria. Even if you are looking for another Stardew Dew Style game we have you covered with all the jobs/crafts in Trysaria. You will have fun for years.

You can find Trysaria on Steam in its Early Access Phase on and Game Jolt as demos. You should definitely give it a try!”

Are there other Indie game developers that deserve a shout out?
“This question is crazy, there are so many amazing and talented indie devs out there. There is one that to me stands out above the rest, which is Vault: Tomb of the King by Erich Preston, the game is just simply amazing, the puzzle and mechanics of the game will blow your mind. Try it out on Steam! “

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