Meet The Devs Swipe Studios: “It’s about having a good time”

Meet The Devs

Today we are interviewing Ross and Pete from Swipe Studios. Both have been making indie games together since 2017. They have worked for larger studios such as FreeStyle Games, Codemasters, Team 17, and a few more. They now hope people will remember them for making simple, fun, sports games.

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Swipe Studios is all into sports

Which of your game developer achievements made you most proud of yourself?
“At Swipe Studios, we were really proud when Apple showcased our game ‘Woofball Manager’ as their Game Of The Day on the App Store earlier this year. It’s a great feeling knowing that a lot of people are seeing your game for the first time. Gamers are having fun with it.”

Swipe Studios Meet The Devs
Woofball Manager got featured as Game Of The Day in the App Store

What kind of games and which well-known persons inspired you to become the game developer you are nowadays?
“When we started making our own games we were heavily inspired by the game Reigns. Our first title Swipe Manager: Soccer was very much influenced by that. We found it so much fun to play that we wanted to see what it would be like with a soccer theme. It turns out others wanted that too as the game did pretty well!”

What is the hardest part of being an indie game developer and how do you try to tackle that problem?
“We found that the hardest part of being an indie game developer is managing all your own marketing and promotion. Developing the games themselves is the really fun part, but finding a way to get them out and there and seen by potential players is always a challenge. I think the best thing that others could learn from us is to make games that you enjoy working on and keep trying out lots of different ideas!”

What do you believe making videogames is about?
“Making a video game should be fun. Whether it was when we were working on Guitar Hero Live, or trying out a new small idea of our own, the most important thing is to be having a good time. There will be tough moments, but you’ve just got to push through those so you can get back to enjoying yourself.”

Swipe Studios
Swipe Studios is working on this free to play Mobile title for Android and iOS.

What are you currently working on that gamers should play?
“We’re currently hard at work on our next game, Premier Five A Side Football 20-21. It’s almost finished and we’ll be announcing the launch date very soon!”

Why should people try your game(s) and where can they find your videogame(s)?
“People should try our games because they’re a fun way to enjoy your favorite sports without needing to spend hours and hours glued to a screen. Simplicity and accessibility are always our goals! Our most recent game was Euro Five A Side Football 2000. It is an easy-to-pick-up football manager game that’s free to download. This free game is available on Google Play or App Store.”

Are there other Indie game developers that deserve a shout out?
“Everyone should definitely take a look at Samuel Bromley’s No Stats Soccer Manager on too. As a creator of sports games ourselves, it definitely is interesting to see others create soccer games too. We can’t wait until the full game finally comes out!”

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