“We offer a place to play and publish free HTML 5 games online”

Wanna play free HTML 5 games online? In the Netherlands we say ‘je moet een gegeven paard niet in de bek kijken‘ (you should not look a given horse in the mouth), which simply means that you shouldn’t be so critical of something you get as a present. Well, this platform gives a lot of presents. Some of the games are to simple for my taste. Still, there are some great games out there that help you pass some time!

iDev lets all developers publish games online on his patform. This way he connects HTML5 game developers and gamers, who can play HTML 5 games for free. He tells us more about his passion and how his platform helps developers and gamers so they both will benefit from this whole experience.

The developer won’t ever be going by his real name and would like to be referred to as iDev.

So we can play and publish free HTML 5 games?

Online web games have changed over the past 10 years. We have moved away from flash games and are now able to build web games in web languages. This allows us to make far bigger and better games. More importantly, many game engines that your favorite games for consoles, desktop, and mobile are built in have adopted the latest web game technologies, allowing developers to make games for the web.

Our platform gives those indie developers the tools to upload and publish games online. As a player, you can play for free and let the actual developers know your thoughts through the review system.”

How did your platform come about?

I have over 10 years of experience in game development. I originally started with a PHP browser-based online game in about 2006. By 2010 I started working with game engines. After accumulating over 200,000 downloads on mobile games and 50,000 plus sales of my commercial game, I decided I wanted to publish my games online. Then I felt it could be far easier than the available platforms of that time.

As I started to develop the system for myself, exactly the way I wanted it, I soon realized that I wouldn’t be the only developer who wanted such a system. I started building it so every developer could use it too.

What is the main goal?

We help a lot of developers from the UK. Still, we aim to also help others from all over the world. We will encourage everyone to share their own developed games and to create fun experiences for gamers.

I wanted to give something back to other developers. When your learning game development you always feel like your taking a lot from other developers but never really giving anything back as you needed to learn. Play iDev Games started as a side project originally but when I started to see how many developers really liked the idea and what I was working towards it quickly became my main project.

What makes your platform stand out?

We try to do things differently, as web games have become notorious for advertisements.

Most of us at some point have been on a site and have not known which was the advertisement and which the actual game. We don’t do that, as you browse through our catalog of games you won’t see any advertisements. The only ads you will see are from our sponsors when you decide to play a game. Although not all developers choose to have sponsors so we have plenty of ad-free games too.

How do people react to your platform?

I’ve had nothing but positive reactions for the platform. It’s what drives me, I work really hard to try and get the developers games the plays they deserve and I think that is not only noted by the developers but it’s what keeps them around. Some joined the site 4 years ago and they still come back today.

The community is what drives me to work so hard as well as the great reactions I receive. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you see a new developer publish their first game knowing your platform gave them the excitement of their first release.

iDev Publish game

Well, let’s try some free HTML 5 games

If you would like to try the games on iDev his platform, you can find his platform by clicking here. If you are a HTML5 developer, you can also upload your games on this platform so others can try your game. This way you can get some feedback, which might lead to a better game in the end. Have fun!

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