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What will happen if you find an immigrant in distress. He’s looking for salvation, but in near-future Britain, he’ll be imprisoned or worse. Do you hand him over, washing your hands of his fate? Do you take him in, at great personal risk and expense? What will you choose in The Outcast Lovers?

Free to play game The Outcast Lovers

The Outcast Lovers follows the success of The Night Fisherman. This free videogame is the second of twelve short narrative experiences to be released monthly by developers Far Few Giants. Focusing on stunning visuals and slick writing, the series is a defiant political response to rising nationalism in the UK.

In a film-like sequence you control the actions of Ola, a retired political cartoonist, as well as directing the camera shots between the cinematic angles available. You’re an outcast, living a private life miles from others. When faced with the immigrant boy from the first game, someone you’re in a position to help, is it your responsibility too?

Developer de Fault says “this series is an experiment in challenging the publishing model for indie narrative games. By developing and releasing very quickly, we’re able to react to a shifting landscape, to comment on what’s in the news, and not obfuscate our voices through a multi-year dev cycle.”

You can download The Outcast Lovers for free on If you want you can also donate some money to the developers via a pay what you want construction.

About Far Far Giants

This work is created by Far Far Giants. Far Few Giants are Chard (@animtree) and De Fault (@antony_de_fault), a writer and animator duo who met in the forests of Yorkshire. They are telling our own stories on their own terms by releasing one ten-minute narrative game per month. Their aim is to test the conventions around how games can tell, let people experience and publish stories.

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