Preview: Just Die Already by DoubleMoose

Just Die Already

Dying is no problem in Just Die Already. As the title suggests, this game has a lot to do with ending your life. As an old man, you enter a world in which there is danger on every corner of the street. Just try to enjoy your retirement while the whole world can kill you at your old age. Fortunately, this is a game and you will respawn every time you die. The game got my attention during the Steam Game Festival.

This videogame is sometimes a bit gross. Especially when you die, your limbs fly in all directions. It will often happen that you are just a pair of legs running around like a headless chicken. Other times you just roll your head across the room, because your body has been burned out or because something has torn you to pieces. In Just die Already, it is not hard to kill yourself. The art remains mainly in how you think of the most creative way to end your life or find new unique ways to survive this murderous world.

How to die simulator

Just Die Already is from the creators of Goat Simulator. This is noticeable. This game will make you laugh and shouldn’t be taken that seriously. This game is made as pure entertainment for people who love gore humor. You have to take Just Die Already with a good dose of salt because it is actually a chaotic game in which it is almost impossible to play the game without dying one way or another. You shouldn’t play this Steam game if you can’t stand blood, because regularly everything turns into a cartoonish bloodbath.

So all those limbs will be covered in somewhat less detailed fake blood. As if the entire playing field is full of ‘ketchup’, as it were. You regularly kill your character while achieving achievements. One moment your only taking a shower. Soon you lie naked on the floor. You fell and your legs are totally broken. As if that is not enough, you then limp to the electrical box to be able to electrocute your wet body. Auch! If you like this kind of humor, you will enjoy this sandbox game. If you don’t, I would recommend to choose another videogame. There are plenty of other Steam games that might appeal to you.

Don’t die, okay?

Ultimately, your goal is not to die. But there is no humor in that. Still, if you just keep dying, you won’t get any further than the house you start in. Still, dangers lie in wait and you find yourself in a game world where simply opening a cupboard can be deadly. The makers have clearly thought about many different scenarios and if you want you can spend hours looking for creative ways to survive. Other hours can be spent dodging all those unfortunate deadly traps you encounter on your adventure.

In addition to all the gory humor, much remains to be done to improve Just Die Already. For example, I ran into several game-breaking bugs during play that forced me to restart the game. Think, for example, of a mattress that serves as a trampoline, but that has so much resilience that it throws you right through the roof of your house. I got stuck between the ceiling and the roof, in an attic room that was not part of the gameplay. Eventually, by jumping endlessly, I accidentally jumped through the roof.

Should you try Just Die Already?

In addition, you die in Just Die Already several times. Not very. What is worse is that you cannot always respawn after dying. For example, I was completely torn to pieces by a refuse truck, but then I had to watch forever how blood splatters appeared and disappeared. Respawning was not an option, because the game didn’t realize I was dead. This creates some unnecessary frustration. Fortunately, the build I played was only a demo and not the full game. Hopefully, the game will be bug fixed a bit more.

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