Review: Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to)

If you are feeling down, some nice kind words might be able to cheer you up. Kind Words is a videogame that lets others interact with you. You can write about your problems and others can respond with your best advice. Kind Words just feels like a sort of social media platform presented as a Steam Game.

Share your thoughts

A lot of people share their thoughts in-game. This all happens anonymously. The stories that are shared vary enormously. Sometimes it’s a fun game where someone asks for one word to be added to a sentence (that’s how a story forms), other times it’s about intense things like ‘how do I make friends’, ‘I’m depressed’ or even the cases where people hate their own lives. Fiercely! As a Kind Words ‘player’ you can respond anonymously to anything and earn stickers for giving good advice.

Kind Words is not driven by experts, but the game does provide information on how to contact experts if you have really serious problems. In addition, it gives you tips on how to deal with unpleasant reactions. Because everything is community-driven, there is always a chance that you will get some haters and trolls who are only in the game to talk to you in a bad way. Luckely I did not find them in my lovely journey trough this therapeutic kind of software. I only found people with the best intentions.

A game full of kindness

Kind Words is a good game to briefly startup on a daily basis, respond to things that play, and then see a lot of sweet responses to questions you send in. Everything happens on the basis of digital letters, which makes it feel like you are writing together with penpals all over the world. I myself also launched a question about my own ‘inner critic’ and got a lot of sympathetic responses. It’s nice to know that people share your thoughts and your not the only person on this earth struggling with a certain type of problem.

This game can cheer you up when you are not feeling well. You don’t have to be feeling down or anything near to enjoy this game. In addition, you can cheer up others too. It feels good to support other people with kind words. When you think the world hates you for a moment, Kind Words is a great place to flee and speak anonymously with like-minded people. The advice you get is often given by experts or people who can empathize with your situation. This game reveals that a lot of people struggle with the same problems.

Finding likeminded people

You will more than often find a lot of likeminded people. The only pity thing is that you cannot respond to all those thank you notes. So many people shared sweet things and gave things that could easily have generated more discussion material. Unfortunately, you only send a letter once, but from that moment on, the contact with your penpal also stops. Some of the responses were so sweet and personal that it gave enough options to learn more from your in-game conversation partner.

By the way, I called it a game. Actually, it’s a bit debatable if Kind Words is a game. I would rather approach it as a social media program. Your experience with the game is very much determined by the social aspect of the game. In any case, you are very rewarded for helping others. Not only do you receive regular thank you messages, each with a matching sticker. You will also get to know chill new music during the game.

Should you play Kind Words?

Until now, the community has been very sweet. I would therefore recommend the game. Or this social media program, as you can also describe it. You can get the game/app/program on Steam!

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