Review: Pixboy by Forever Entertainment

review Pixboy

Pixboy knows how to attract your attention. Even with graphics that are deliberately outdated. This game is a tribute to games from the golden age of gaming since Pixboy feels like you are playing an old school mobile game. This ‘retro’ game goes back to that time when games are not as advanced as today. Pixboy, on the other hand, appeared on one of the newest portable consoles: the Nintendo Switch!

No, this is no Virtual Console game!

It is a bold choice to design the game like a retro game because in graphics this game is not going to win the big battle today. Pixboy has to be full of charm. You will be immersed in an old-fashioned platformer where you will face various obstacles and enemies. Somehow it feels like you’re playing an old-fashioned Mario game, only this time you’re playing with a Pixel-like boy and not Mario. This game is perfect for the Nintendo Switch. This could just be an old fashioned game that Nintendo could have offered via a Virtual Console. If this game was released in the ’90, then it would have won many hearts.

The retro sauce that this game is topped with is actually pretty cool. This game is actually a classic platformer that does everything you expect from a platformer. Although Pixboy does not do very surprising things in terms of gameplay, it is still very entertaining to go through the 40+ handcrafted levels. I would rather have seen some unique elements that made the gameplay feel different than any other known platformer. Still, I enjoyed collecting all coins, discovering secret rooms, beating speedrun thresholds, and even sparing all enemies. The latter is perhaps one of the few unique elements that the game offers. Pixboy rewards you even if you don’t go on a rampage and destroy all enemies.

Pixboy screams retro

The graphics are not the only element that breathes retro. My attention during Pixboy is very drawn to the eye for detail. This is mainly reflected in the music. The game’s soundtrack consists entirely of an original chiptune soundtrack. For a moment you have the feeling to go back to the ’90s. You can also choose from many different retro styles. You can unlock 24 color themes that resembling old devices like MS-DOS, Game Boy, and IBM. The styles are hidden in levels or can be purchased with coins collected in levels. Although it is only a skin that you put over your game, it still provides a little extra fun.

However, it is striking that the game relies heavily on its retro feel. Although this has been worked out very well, it is not something that is really original and mindblowing. There are plenty of indie games that found their inspiration in the retro era. Think for example of Shovel Knight, Retro City Rampage, and many more indie games. I ended up having a great time with Pixboy. On the other hand, I will not quickly pick up the game a second time, because the competition in the field of platformers and retro-like games is fierce.

Pixboy on the Nintendo Switch

Pixboy is an enjoyable game. Every hour I put in this hour felt good. Praise may be given to how the makers have made an effort to make this really feel like an old school game. However, it must be said that if you look past Pixboys retro sauce and option to spare enemies, the game has little unique things to offer in terms of gameplay. It’s fun to play, but the game doesn’t do very game-changing things. This keeps me entertained while playing, but this is not a game that will stay with me for years to come.

For this review, I received a review copy from the publisher. This does not affect my opinion.

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