Screenshot Saturday: interesting screenshots and videos (week 31)

Screenshot Saturday, image: Breakfast and Bears

This week we’ll be looking at some cool screenshots and videos from indie developers that you might want to look out for. These people have done some really cool stuff in quarantine. Want your screenshot to be featured? Tweet with #screenshotsaturday #indiegamedev and we might find you somewhere over there.

5. OddFauna : Secret of the Terrabeast

Well, why not? It looks cute.

4. Peace Island

For a game about cats, it certainly looks a lot peaceful.

3. Breaking Box


2. Bear and Breakfast

Aww, cuteness overload

1. Mortem

Just WOW! I’ve got no reasons as to not include this. This is definitely on my watchlist.

Honorable Mention:

I couldn’t let this slide. This unnamed game from Mike Morra looks amazing.


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