Screenshot Saturday: interesting screenshots and videos (week 32)

Screenshot Saturday, image: Going Medieval

This week we’ll be looking at some cool screenshots and videos from indie developers that you might want to look out for. These people have done some really cool stuff in quarantine. Want your screenshot to be featured? Tweet with #screenshotsaturday #indiegamedev and we might find you somewhere over there.

5. Arbiter

Starting off with something cool, fast and flashy. Do I even need to explain why I included this? This is just awesome.

4. Ardenfall

I’m digging that low-poly atmospheric vibes this video is giving me. Ardenfall is an RPG game with a low-poly aesthetic. This looks really beautiful.

3. Swordcery

It looks cute and really good. If you are wondering, Swordcery is made by two industry veterans that have worked on games like God of War! So yeah, this is no silly stuff. And the quality shows.

2. Gunhowl

Here’s some love to Pixel Art. Looks fun.

1. Going Medieval

A medieval sim? And it looks good? Oh boy, I am in!

Honorable Mention: This Racing Game from Rekrz Game Studios

This didn’t make the list solely because it was unnamed. But you need to check out this game’s development. I am especially enjoying the HUD UI and the backgrounds. It has cyberpunk-ish styled roads and racing with beautiful and scenic backgrounds. Really loving it.

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