Screenshot Saturday: interesting screenshots and videos (week 33)

Screenshot Saturday, image: Beasts of Maravilla Island

This week we’ll be focusing solely on Low Poly 3D games. That means no pixel art this time 😢. But these screenshots are pretty cool too. So give them a try. Next Saturday, we’ll be looking at the “Animal-themed screenshots.” Be it pixel-art or low-poly or even a hand-drawn game, we’ll take it! Don’t forget to mention us @reporter_indie on twitter.

5. Halley’s Dream

I am a simple man, I see doggo, I press hearts.

4. Island of Lost

I am digging the looks but the saturation is a bit off. But still, I feel like this is pretty cool.

3. Spirit of the Blade

Low-poly samurai looks pretty cool. And I like the combat too.

2. Glyde The Dragon

Cute dragon, cute island. I like it.

1. Beasts of Maravilla Island

The moment I saw this, I knew it should be no.1. This looks so magical. Really good.

So that’s it. And if you want your screenshot to be featured, mention us at @reporter_indie. Remember, next Saturday’s theme is Animals.

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