Screenshot Saturday: screenshots and videos that caught my attention (week 22)

Every week a lot of cool projects are developed by various creative indie game developers. That’s why Screenshot Saturday becomes handy! Indie Game Reporter searches the web for cool new projects that seem to be really worth it. During that search, cool new screenshots are often spotted. Now we present 5 screenshots that absolutely caught the eye this week. You might want to check out these #screenshotsaturday projects! Some are advanced concepts, others are just born out of creativity.

5. Unnamed project during Screenshot Saturday

This project has no name (yet), still, it looks very promising. The creator posted the concept on Twitter and wants to release it on PC. The concept seems funny enough to at least give it a try once. Others already said that the concept reminded them of the flash indie game Avalanche. Since this unnamed Indie concept is not publicly playable yet, I will share a link to Avalanche. Just give that fun flash game a try!

4. Letter Learner

An educational game where you let others learn new words by shooting words instead of bullets. It sounds strange, but… count me in, I guess. I think it is a very ‘responsible’ way to learn new foreign languages? Who allows me to teach you a few words of Dutch in this way?

3. Pumkin Jack

It’s often admirable how much time and effort people put into an indie game. There is not a whole team behind them to work out everything in detail. However, it can produce a great result. Great if an indie developer shows some of the progress over a whole year of development.

2. Toodee and Topdee

The concept reminds me a bit of the adventure puzzle platformer Shadow Puppeteer. I played that game years ago on the Nintendo Wii U, and I definitely liked it. This time the axis tills and a 2D character is getting helped by someone from the 3D dimension. Currently, the two brothers behind Toodee and Topdee can only confirm a release on PC, but I think this game would also perfectly work out on Switch!

1. Hairdash

In Hairdash you play as the dazzling Charming and the powerful Fury. It is your goal to defend their island (and magical secrets!) against the bald King Octopus, jealous of their fabulous hair! It sounds like a crazy description, but the gameplay looks pretty cool! Coming soon to iOS and Android.

Indie Reporter will release this screenshot saturday special every week. Last week we also covered a lot of other Indie game concepts. Indie game developers world wide daily create creative new concepts!

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