Screenshot Saturday: screenshots and videos that caught my attention (week 23)

Inmost Screenshot Saturday

Every week new cool projects are developed by various game developers. That’s why Screenshot Saturday becomes handy! One day of the week, developers can highlight there work. Indie Game Reporter searches the web for cool new projects. Now we present 5 screenshots that absolutely caught the eye this week. You might want to check out these creative new #screenshotsaturday projects!

5. Denki Bounce

Denki Bounce is a trampoline-based “Bounce ‘Em Up!” Blast, Reflect, Evade and Electrify your way to victory! A high-paced, addictive, VS battle-sport game with rich cartoon visuals awaits to played soon! Later on, a free demo of the videogame will be released on Steam. More details of this game will be revealed during the Steam Game Festival, which will be held from 16th to 22th of June.

4. Inmost

In this cinematic puzzle platformer you have to escape the depths of an underground labyrinth. Explore a hauntingly beautiful pixel art world with three playable characters in one dark, connected story. A demo of the will be released soon. I might play it one day and write a preview of the game on Indie Game Reporter!

3. Adventures of Wolf and Hood – A Jigsaw Tale

This puzzle game is coming soon to Steam and itch. This game features 20 hand-painted scenes with some familiar characters in a brand new #FairyTale style story. With six puzzle sizes to play, from 24 to 294 pieces, you can pick the right level of challenge to suit your taste.

2. Pumpkin Jack

The last edition of Screenshot Saturday, Pumpkin Jack also got my attention, since it showed how much progress can be done within a year. Now it caught my eye because of the cinematics, shared on Twitter.

Last Screenshot Saturday title: Zealot

Awaken as a fallen priest in an unforgiving land ruled by Slavic deities and their worshippers, let nothing stand in the way of your holy quest to restore the old glory of the Orthodoxy. This game just got to my attention and I definitely like the pixel art style of this game. Someone already commented on this Tweet that the game looks a bit like the Ultimate Sega Saturn Game art style.

Indie Reporter will release this screenshot Saturday special every week. Last week we also covered a lot of other Indie game concepts. Indie game developers worldwide daily create creative new concepts!

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