Screenshot Saturday: interesting screenshots and videos (week 25)

Lone Fungus

Every week new cool projects are developed by various game developers. That’s why Screenshot Saturday becomes handy! One day of the week, developers can highlight their work. Indie Game Reporter searches the web for cool new projects. Now I will present 5 screenshots that absolutely caught the eye this week. You might want to check out these creative new #screenshotsaturday projects!

5. Last Man Sitting

What am I watching? A game about people sitting in an office chair sounds boring, but nothing could be further from the truth. This looks intensely active. It reminds me of pro skating. I saw Last Man Sitting a year ago on Steam. The concept was a Rocket League sort of gameplay with office chairs and shotguns. I am not sure what is left from that concept, but this video definitely grabbed my attention.

4. Lone Fungus during Screenshot Saturday

After writing a preview of Lone Fungus, I saw the developer working hard on improving this cute and ambitious game. Has last entry for Screenshot Saturday shows that some things have been tinkered with the inventory. I’m actually very curious about what the game will look like when the final build is finished. I see that huge steps have been taken since the last time I wrote a preview of this indie game.

3. Rascals & Railways

Rascals & Railways seems to be a game where strange characters in silly costumes rough up the city and their subways. The game is promoted as an RPG set in an urban landscape. I am not sure what I must think about the game yet, but the pidgeon with the knife definitely got my attention. Have you spotted it?

2. Untitled Prototype from Rob Madden

This gif grabbed my attention because of the relaxing vibe and the art style. At first the screenshot did not tell me that much about the game, but the developer was kind enough to tell me the following about this indie game project: “so the game is about transporting resources around the sky to help the characters that inhabit various Islands. The player can use production chains to create increasingly complicated recipes to complete tasks. It’s super chill and relaxing – no combat or dying et cetera.” This yet untitled game is still a prototype and it will not release soon. For future updates, you can follow his Twitter page.

Last Screenshot Saturday project: Exo One

We will end this Screenshot Saturday special with Exo One. The composer of the videogame shared his latest soundtrack on Twitter during Screenshot Saturday. The soundtrack gives a relaxing vibe while looking at some footage of the upcoming indie game. Exo One is an interplanetary, gravity-defying journey through space and time which will release on Steam soon. There is also a Steam demo available!

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