Screenshot Saturday: interesting screenshots and videos (week 27)

Screenshot Saturday

Every week new cool projects are developed by various game developers. That’s why Screenshot Saturday becomes handy! One day of the week, developers can highlight their work. Indie Game Reporter searches the web for cool new projects. Now I will present 5 screenshots that absolutely caught the eye this week. You might want to check out these creative new #screenshotsaturday projects!

5. Untitled Paper Gam

This tweet shows a very interesting gameplay concept. The whole screen is folded like a piece of paper! I’ve previously seen indie games that let you manipulate the game world by sliding parts of the screen as blocks. In those cases, this led to very interesting puzzles. This is something different, but certainly, something that can lead to very nice puzzle effects too. I really like the origami-like gameplay and I m curious about how this will turn out. Currently, the game is in a very early stage of development.

4. A Little Puzzle

A Little Puzzle clearly shows what it promises: a simple puzzle. The concept is simple, but it all looks neatly worked out. I think it could certainly appeal to puzzle enthusiasts. The game is also free, so after this Screenshot Saturday statement I will definitely try it! This looks like a concept that is very easy to understand, but hard to master. I am curious to find out.

3. A Pretty Odd Bunny

Everything looks cheerful at first. You wonder why a bunny runs away from a pig, but soon you don’t worry that the pig will ever catch up with the rabbit. He manages to maneuver flawlessly through the course. Still, what happened at the end is surprising. Bad bunny! You should be ashamed of yourself!

2. Into A Dream

Recently I played the demo of Into A Dream. One of the things that annoyed me a bit during my play session was the controls. It is great to see this video during Screenshot Saturday, promising that the player controller is optimized. In any case, it is always nice when you see that indie game developers are so passionate about feedback. I am curious how the final version of the game will turn out.

1. Blue Fire

The last title that caught the eye is Robu Studios’ Blue Fire. The game attracted attention because so much happened during this boss fight. It doesn’t look very cool. I wonder how difficult the boss is when the game comes out because at the moment even the maker seems to be struggling to beat his own creation. Currently, Blue Fire can be wishlisted on Steam. The game will launch in the first months of 2021.

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