Screenshot Saturday: interesting screenshots and videos (week 26)

Screenshot Saturday

Every week new cool projects are developed by various game developers. That’s why Screenshot Saturday becomes handy! One day of the week, developers can highlight their work. Indie Game Reporter searches the web for cool new projects. Now I will present 5 screenshots that absolutely caught the eye this week. You might want to check out these creative new #screenshotsaturday projects!

5. Steel Assault

There is a lot going on in the video. The rain and the reflection in the water work out really well. In the meanwhile, I am getting excited for the boss that appears at the end of the video. This robot foe seems really powerful and got me interested to follow Steel Assault. Currently, Steel Assault can be wishlisted on Steam. The game will release somewhere this year.

4. X-Blade

This mobile project seems interesting too. There is happing a lot in this shooter, where you fly in the sky while enemies attack you from the ground. The game itself looks well animated, so does the new Game Over screen that the developer shared during Screenshot Saturday. The creator of the game told on Twitter that he hopes to publish the game in September or October on the Android PlayStore.

3. Berserk Boy

This Screenshot Saturday entry reminds me of Mega Man. In the gameplay video, we can see how Berserk Boy smashes his way across a stage with lots of enemies. The gameplay shows us a part of a horde room, where you have to defeat a certain number of enemies before you can leave the area. On Twitter, the creator said there is so much more he really wanted to show, but can’t since he does not want to spoil too much. I would say, just spoil us! This entry got my attention because of this little spoiler!


I already saw some footage of this game earlier on, and now it got my attention again during Screenshot Saturday. The video is showing a robot riot in the videogame KAPIA. The game will tell the story of Reny and her grandfather, who are out on the quest to save their isolated world from an intelligent infection. The game will be a point and click game. This might be a new revival of the genre? I always loved the point and click gameplay from several TellTale Games, so I will probably enjoy KAPIA’s gameplay too.

The Last Screenshot Saturday game: Billie Bust Up!

Last but not least I wanted to highlight this musical boss fight. I have no idea what to look at first. So much is happening. Brooms mop the floor, buckets fall from the sky and the character is almost stamped flat between a theater cloth that closes. I have musical interpretations here. The game, Billy Bust Up! is promoted as a musical 3D platformer. I’m curious about the music of this game.

Indie Reporter will release this screenshot Saturday special every week. Last week we covered a lot ofย other Indie game concepts too.

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