This are the volunteers writing for Indie Game Reporter.

Kevin (The Netherlands, Founder)


As a freelance journalist, I see a lot going on in the world of indie games. That is also the reason why I initially founded this website. Indie games can afford a lot of creative risks that the big publishers don’t dare. Where to many triple A games follow a strict formula, many indie game developers have the opportunity to adapt games more to their personal taste, passion and creativity. I think it’s cool to see how often this gameplaywise can deliver much cooler and interesting games than the umpteenth predictable AAA game.

I say can. Of course I also see plenty of indie games that try to copy whatever the triple AAA titles are doing. I especially like to get started with games that don’t and have their own tone of voice. Certainly, I live by the philosophy that gameplay is the most important aspect of a game. I always hope to come across new surprises. I am letting games surprise me and enjoy this work to the fullest.”

Ecoest (Australia, Editor)


As for motivation, I write like I’m running out of time. Day and night writing like I need it to survive, at least when I’m not playing games and breaking down their design philosophy. Games I find are a tad hard to enjoy when every moment of them, you find yourself taking them apart and seeing where the flaws lie. It has given me a rather critical perspective on games and having worked in the industry myself has rather shattered the enjoyment I receive from bigger triple A titles on the market.

Indie games, however, have a special charm to them. They can be a diamond in the rough or an utter disgrace. It is often a mystery how they’ve gotten that way. In turn, I’ve become rather obsessed with the indie scene. Often I’d head out to a local indie meet up. See what works and what really, really doesn‘t.”

Max (Colombia, Editor)


I’ve been playing indie games for a long time and enjoy them a lot more than most AAA releases, sinking hundreds of hours into them as they truly are works of love, made by people who wanted to express themselves and connect with the player. They’re games that stay with you for a long time, they become comfort and that old friend who’s always by your side.
I hope to help people form those bonds with the games and the people who make them.

Febin (India, Editor)

I’ve been working with indie devs for more than five years and I can confidently say that they are the most creative people in the industry. They are free to take the sorts of risk that others can’t. I can always expect something different from these people. They always bring something new to the table.

I’ve been amazed by the perspectives in which some of these developers look at certain concepts. It is this randomness and creative risks that make me want to play through these games. Yes, there are a lot of copy-pasta indie games. But an original indie game is like a work of art. The artist, the developer, is trying to tell us something through their art.

It is that voice we must hear. The stories they tell, the worlds they create, and the experiences they provide. I’m motivated by the hard work they’ve put into their games. I believe that hard-work should not go unnoticed. This is my way of standing on my beliefs.”