Student Union Kickstarter delivers a sinister visual novel for PC gamers

Student Union

Visual Novel Village will launch their Kickstarter page of Student Union today. This is a dark story, which takes place on a school with a sinister school administration. Currently, the creators developed parts of the game already. Now they are asking the support of backers, to complete the visual novel.

Student Union on Kickstarter

Student Union is a visual novel about a student who needs work as soon as possible. The name of the student is Lane. At the kick-off of his final year of high school, he turns to ask the faculty for help. Lane is able to help the institutions faculty, by leading a support and maintenance group. However, before he can successfully lead that program, he must find at least four other students who would like to join the group. Time is running out and to succeed he has to find those four other students before the end of the week.

During his search for likeminded people, Lane finds out some sinister things about his school. There lies great danger within the school walls and the group of four students might be the only group able to help in this situation. You will discover a dark drama and will experience some romance as shifting pressures form, strain, and shatter strong bonds.

Try the game yourself

It’s a game for a mature audience, contains strong language, tobacco use, and brief graphic violence. There won’t be any nudity in the game demo though. This game seems to be mainly interesting for teenagers and students, who can identify with the characters and love to experience some sinister teenage school drama.

This game offers a full-length visual novel with dark drama. People who would like to get more information on the videogame can sign up for notifications via the Kickstarter landing page. Currently, there is a Student Union demo available for free on Steam. This demo gives you the opportunity to give the game a try and to decide whether you want to pledge this project or not.

The full game is set to launch in april 2022, as long as the set Kickstarter goal is reached.

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