Hidden Oxygen will test your logic skills on Android soon

Indie game Developer Meek Bits is currently working on Hidden Oxygen. This sounds like a promising atom-arranging puzzler focused on nurturing deductive logic skills. Every time there will be only one solution for the puzzle! When the player gets stuck, Hidden Oxygen can offer a plain line of reasoning explaining the process of figuring out the next move.

Test your skills in Hidden Oxygen

Hidden Oxygen will launch June 27th, 2020 on Android devices only. It will be free to play. English and Polish languages are fully supported. The game is published by Meek Bits, an indie studio established in 2018. Meek Bits is an independent, one-person game development studio based in Wroclaw, Poland. Jakub Niemyjski runs the studio. Hidden Oxygen will be the first indie game released in name of the indie studio Meek Bits.In the coming month, this one-man studio is working hard on completing the project.

Hidden Oxygen is an atom arranger puzzle game. A player’s goal is to figure out the correct layout of oxygen atoms on a square board. There is only one solution and it can found by using deductive logic alone. In this videogame, oxygen atoms cannot be adjacent to each other, even diagonally. Numbers next to rows and columns tell how many oxygens should be in them. Each carbon atom needs 2 adjacent oxygens. This way you are challenged to solve a lot of puzzles.

The game will feature 5 difficulty levels. The levels will be consecutively unlocked as the player progresses through. Each difficulty will feature 100 puzzles. When the puzzles are getting to hard, Meek Bits will present an advanced hint system. This system explains how to infer the next move. The game will offer an interactive tutorial. You can also zoom and move the gameboard with pinch gesture.

More information and demo

For more information about Meek Bits, please visit: https://meekbits.com/ or the developer’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeekBits. Indie Game Reporter has received a demo of the game and soon we will publish a preview of Hidden Oxygen. Keep an eye on this website for a preview of Hidden Oxygen.

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