The Best Steam Game Festival games 2020

Just Die Already

I saw a lot of games during Steam’s latest online event. Therefore it is really hard to pick the best Steam Game Festival games. Still, I am giving it a try. In this special, I will highlight some of the games that really stand out for me. They all got me in the position to keep following the live streams or play the demos as long as my agenda allowed me. Anyway, I got excited for more!

Just Die Already

In this videogame, you will play as an old. One thing is certain. You want to die as a whole society and you want to enjoy your pension carefreely. In your old days, you try to play life-threatening fun as much as possible. Everything will get you killed. If it is only because you are electrocuted while being naked or because a car is driving over you. It is all possible in this sandbox game. This game is a bit gory and therefore not enjoyable for everyone. Still, it looks like a solid and enjoyable concept.


Liberated just caught my attention during the Steam Game Festival, because the first time I saw some gameplay it really reminded me of indie games like Limbo and Inside. Especially the dark atmosphere of the gameplay parts, made it look like it is inspired by such games. The cool thing is that you play this platformer like it’s a comic book. During live streams, my attention was drawn to how seamlessly pieces of the comic blend together. This living comic book already launched on Nintendo Switch in March and will be released in July on Steam.

Party Animals

Party Animals might also be one of the best indie games I saw during the Steam Game Festival. This party game lets you fight friends as puppies, kittens, and other fuzzy and cute little animals. Not in a brutal way, but in a cartoonish game. While they look adorable you can definitely kick others asses online and offline. The game looks very chaotic. And what are they fighting for? Among others Gummy Bears. Party Animals looks like a game that could definitely be very funny (and also very adorable).

Expophiba best steam summer festival games


Exophobia also attracted attention. In this retro-like game, you go out with a weapon. You need to explore a base full of aliens without any damage. The game is somewhat reminiscent of DOOM. I have already played this game myself and wrote down my opinion in the Exophobia preview.


Another game that really caught my attention was Inmost. The demo is still on my PC to play, but unfortunately, I haven’t got around to it yet. It did look pretty good in terms of trailers. In the game, escape from the depths of an underground labyrinth in this cinematic puzzle platformer. You’ll explore a hauntingly beautiful looking pixel art world with three playable characters in one dark, connected story.

Many more Steam Game Festival Games

I have seen many more Steam GameFestival Games, but it was to many games to shout them all out. If you have played or seen a game that is not highlighted in this special, feel free to tell others more about it in the comments. You can always submit a game page too, so people will learn more about your Indie game project! All kinds of games are welcome! I will review all submissions, so give it a try!

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